The Republicans' "Theory on Job Creation," Really?

Someone, please explain this to me: The Republicans believe their solution to the job crisis, that is, creating jobs boils down to four things: (1) Tax cuts for those who don't need them, their "job creators" (2)  Deregulation of various industries (mining, oil) (3) Repealing Obamacare and (4) Dismantling the EPA, perhaps the FDA, definitely stripping unions of their rights, and eliminating the Department of Education.  So, why was it that in 2006, under the Bush regime, during a time of the Bush Tax Cuts, corporations closed 50,000 factories and moved jobs to China, Taiwan and Mexico?  Why also, that during this time of deregulation, the mortgage collapse occurred causing this Great Recession, that, had it not been for Obama's financial actions, his policies saved the auto industry and its jobs (and all those jobs related to the auto industry, i.e. parts manufacturers, service companies, etc), saved banks, and various lending institutions from bankruptcy.  Think of where we would be now if we had allowed those banks and manufacturers to fail?

Not long ago, three years ago to be exact, I owned and ran my own manufacturing business.  My partners and I started an appliance company during 9/11 and struggled and made our products ourselves, right here in America.  We struggled during economic downturns and succeeded.  We did not rely on the government for tax cuts to ensure our success.  We worked around the regulations our industry set for us, which amounted to safety and environmental standards, allowing us to create products that were safer and more efficient than our competition.  We worked around California's convoluted Workman's Comp insurance costs.  We made choices in how many personnel to employ, how best to use our money, which banks to secure loans from when needed, how to go to market, through which partners, secured relationships with vendors and distributors, expanded, grew, sacrificed, innovated and powered our way through to make ourselves successful. So whenever I read about or hear the Republican talking points, I wonder what reality are they living in?

If a business needs government handouts in terms of tax cuts and deregulation to force not greater freedom to operate but to ensure lackadaisical business practices that puts their own customers at risk with products that are more dangerous, poorer in quality, and unsuitable for consumption, then those businesses need not be in business.  Why protect the worst in us?  Isn't that what Republicans rail against when they talk about government entitlements?  So aren't they then, by their outmoded theories, entitling a faulty business model, one that rewards the worst and punishes the best?  Who needs corporate welfare?  The unimaginative who can't compete. Did Steve Jobs need corporate welfare to succeed?

It seems the Republicans are not interested in Manufacturing jobs, the middle class, entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized businesses at all, but only pay lip service to them.  Their loyalties reside with Wall Street bankers and the jobs they create, jobs that in actuality create nothing, that manufacture no products, that require no innovations and aren't worth the paper they aren't printed on.

And how is repealing Obamacare going to create jobs?  Aren't the Republicans just mad at Obama and Pelosi and Barney Frank and Richard Dodd, and all the democrats that signed the bill, that they have taken the power out of the hands of medical insurance companies and made the playing field more equal?  Isn't it their gripe that the top 1% are no longer free to rape the American public, deny benefits, deny claims, deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions?

And how is deregulating the oil industry going to create jobs, especially after the latter have posted the highest profits ever, while causing one environmental disaster after another, effectively destroying the fishing industry in the Gulf?  It seems the Occupy Movement needs to hold Republicans more accountable at the polling booth next year, but they also need to make blasting holes in the Republicans' "theory of job creation" a central tenet of its agenda, to expose it for the ruse that it is.  

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