New reading list

I am not sure how and why books and authors "find" me, but whenever I put out a question into the world, I am led to pick up a book at a bookstore or library and, reading through a few pages, am seized upon by a sentence of such heartbreaking beauty that I have to read the book. Then I go on and read all I can by that particular author, analyzing syntax, grammar, word choice, character, etc. while marveling at the intelligence and immense imagination of the prose.

Currently Reading:

Wallace Stegner - Angle of Repose
Wallace Stegner - Collected Short Stories
James Salter - A Sport and a Pastime

Books on deck:

Phillip Roth - Portnoy's Complaint
Phillip Roth - American Pastoral
Phillip Roth - The Human Stain
Phillip Roth - Everyman
William Faulkner - A Fable
William Faulkner - The Reivers
William Faulkner - The Wild Palms

That should carry me through June :)

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