Update on my Novella, Ghost Notes

Dear Family, Friends, Future Friends, Future Readers,

My publisher Haus of Millian has an important update on the publication of my novella (short novel) Ghost Notes, due out soon. Please visit the link below and sign up to get your advance copy. Blurbs and reviews, though not necessary, are very very welcome!

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Reserve your pre-release copy of Ghost Notes

Thank you for your interest in a pre-release copy of Ghost Notes by SK Kalsi. This electronic book will be delivered directly to your kindle device from the publisher by your request and only with your permission via your kindle device(s) and amazon.com account.To receive your pre-release copy of Ghost Notes, complete the form below and approve the email address publisher@hausofmillian.com as an authorized sender to your kindle email address. We respect your privacy and will use your kindle address for the sole purpose of delivering Ghost Notes. Your information will not be shared with anyone for any reason. For quick and easy instructions on how to approve the delivery of your electronic book, check out the video below.
It is our hope that you'll enjoy reading Ghost Notes and that you'll tweet about it, talk about it and share your reviews on amazon.com, goodreads.com--and any other place you like to talk about books--reviews help other readers discover what may be their next favorite book.
Your reviews are GOLD!
Thank you for your time and attention. Enjoy your copy of Ghost Notes!
T. Maxximillian Dafoe
Publisher, Haus of Millian

Thank you all for your continued interest, support, faith and encouragement towards my writing.


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